Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

  • SEO is the process of helping a web site to improve visibility, rank and relevance in the organic (unpaid) results of the search engines. Back To Top

How are you able to improve my website’s position in the search engines?

  • Search engines like Google use an estimated 200 factors in their algorithm (formula) for determining the rankings of any web query. While we don’t know all the factors (no one outside of a select few employees of the search engines themselves) in their ranking formulas, we know the most important ones through working with hundreds of websites over the years and being able to get those sites to the top of the search engines. We are also constantly monitoring the ever changing ranking factors to make sure we stay on top of the latest changes in the algorithms. Back To Top

I’ve worked with other SEO firms before and they weren’t able to get me to where I wanted to be in the search engines. What do you do that makes you different from other search engine optimization companies?

  • Without question, our knowledge of the ever changing algorithms is what seperates us from other SEO companies. The proof of our expertise in the work we have done for our existing clients. The hardest search engine for most SEO’s is Google. Each of our clients has a 1st page ranking on Google for their most desired keywords and key phrases. Many of our clients own the # 1 ranking out of millions of results for their targeted keywords. The sad reality is there are many self proclaimed “seo experts” who attempt to provide seo services for other businesses. The great majority of clients we work with have been let down by one (or more) SEO companies before. In some occasions, the damage inflicted by these companies on your existing website will require you to get a brand new domain name altogether. Choosing the right SEO company can literally make or break you! Back To Top

How long will it take before I start ranking high on the search engines?

  • That will depend on many factors including the age of your existing domain (if you have one), your link popularity, whether or not your site is indexed in the search engines, your history with the search engines and the competition on the web for your desired search terms. Older websites typically improve their rankings much faster but again, the level of competition on the web is a big factor. On average, expect to see improvement in rankings within 1-2 months. Back To Top

Do you guarantee rankings on the search engines?

  • Search engines change their formulas, or algorithms, for determining website rankings on a regular basis. They do not want anyone to know their algorithms which is why you see rankings fluctuate and change on a regular basis. For this reason, we do not guarantee rankings because we have no control over how the engines will change their algorithms. However, each of our clients has a 1st page ranking on Google, Yahoo or MSN for their main keyword phrases. We constantly monitor the algorithms to ensure your website stays near the top of the search engines even after fluctuations in the rankings. Back To Top

Is this a one time fee or is it charged monthly?

  • If we are simply designing a website for you, a one time fee is what we charge. Our search engine optimization services are a monthly fee in order to maintain your rankings in the search engines. Search engines change their formulas on a regular basis and we work each month to maintain and improve your rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN. The majority of the work for monthly SEO consists of link building services to strengthen your position on the search engines. Back To Top

If I get to the first page of MSN, does this mean I will be on the first page of Google, Yahoo and other search engines also?

  • No, each search engine has a unique formula to index and therefore rank individual websites. Our SEO services are tailored to meet Google’s algorithm since they currently provide nearly 50% of all Internet traffic, but many of our clients have 1st page rankings on all three search engines. Back To Top

How can I measure the results of my website?

  • High Rank Websites always installs web analytics tools (web traffic reporting tools) with every site we build. These tools will help you determine what is and what isn’t working with your website. These analytics tools allow you to tell how many visits your site is getting, where those visitors came from, what keywords they typed in to find you, how long they stayed on your site and other important analytics. This is important to evaluate what is working or not working on your website. We also encourage the use of 800 numbers to help gauge how many calls the website is driving. Back To Top

What is my money better spent on, SEO or SEM (Pay Per Click)?

  • That answer depends on your ROI. While most web users click on the organic (natural un-paid results) before clicking on paid ads, PPC can be a highly effective method of driving traffic to your site. Many website owners are worried about click fraud involved with pay per click, but the problem is not as bad is most make it out to be. There are tools in place to help minimize click fraud. That being said, as an SEO company, we are firm believers in the results that most website owners achieve when they have a high ranking on the organic search results. Again, the right answer depends on the ROI. Back To Top