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So We Made An Office Bet…Again. (Sharks Fans Never Learn)

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The NHL playoffs are a special time for our resident hockey fans in the High Rank office.  It’s a time to enjoy the spectacle of playoff hockey.  To live and die with every odd man rush, revel in the glorious battles waged along the boards, bask in the thrill of victory, and mock each other mercilessly in defeat.

Last year, the Kings and Sharks fans in the office made a friendly office bet that resulted in some pretty silly temporary tattoos and internet wide ridicule.

Undeterred by the experience and San Jose’s checkered (to put it mildly) playoff history, we decided to make another (un)friendly wager when we found out the Kings and Sharks would meet in the first round of the 2014 NHL playoffs.  Only this time, we wanted to make sure that fans of the losing team felt the pain of each loss.  So, naturally, we decided to hurl things at each other’s faces and capture it in super slow motion.   Needless to say, the Sharks fans really enjoyed the first three games of the series, only to be victims of the dreaded “reverse sweep“.

Game 1: Antiqued – Doesn’t sound that bad until you find yourself choking on flour and your eyes burn because there is a thin layer of it under your contact lenses coating your eyeballs.


Game 2:  Egged – A slow mo classic, getting eggs dropped on your head from the second story of a building not only looks great on camera, but really helps with a high protein diet.


Game 3: Jello’d – The huge block of jello looks cool, but it’s the snack pack fast ball at the end that really packs a punch.


Game 4: Buttermilked – Expired buttermilk not only smells terrible, it gets in your nose and mouth and makes you want to vomit when it’s thrown in your face.  It took one Sharks fan 3 showers to get the spoiled milk smell off.


Game 5: Ballooned – Nothing brings coworkers together quite like handing them a water balloon and saying “Here, hit this guy in the face.  And make sure you throw it as hard as you can”.


Game 6: Hot Dogged – Fun fact, if you leave relish on your face for more than 2 minutes, it starts to burn your skin.  Nothing quite like a pickle chemical burn!  Also, vienna sausages are just gross.

debellehotdoggif beltzhotdog

Game 7: Cham-pain-ed – As our Kings fans popped champagne, Sharks supporters got a face full of celebration.  FYI, teams wear goggles when they do this for a reason.  It burns the eyes.

beltzbottle deebsbottles

(By the way it’s much harder to coordinate champagne pops in super slow motion than we expected)


I think it’s safe to say that our Sharks fans are finished betting on teal for a while.

So, in closing, GO KINGS GO!  Any Ducks fans feel like a wager?

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