Visual Content


One of the most powerful ways to get your message across to your website visitors is through the use of powerful visual content. If your content strategy only involves written text, you are missing out on many areas of opportunity. When done right, visual content has the potential not just to tell a story to your visitors but also to shared on social networks, generate inbound links, increase brand awareness and grow traffic to your site.

Visual content takes many forms, and here at High Rank some of the ones that can work great in a content marketing campaign include video, data visualizations, animated infographics, interactive infographics, standard infographics, images, pictures, animated gifs and interactive web pages. Here are some examples of awesome visual content we’ve created here at High Rank:

Video for Visual Content

Data Visualizations for Visual Content


We created a pretty cool data visualization on NFL crimes. You can see the live version of the NFL crimes interactive here. Data visualizations can be a powerful way to display boring spreadsheet data.

We created this piece for criminal attorney George Ramos.  This is an iframed version so you can hover on the map to trigger the data changes on the right side of the page. The full screen version can be seen here.

Interactive Web Pages

offshore tax shelters interactive


This interactive looks at the offshore tax havens of America’s largest corporations. What do you think is more impactful, seen this data in an excel spreadsheet or seeing it represented visually here? This animated gif doesn’t do the full screen version justice so check it out.

These are just a handful of visual content pieces that what we’ve created lately. Having content like this goes hand in hand with great SEO and anytime we are running a campaign for anything that is competitive, we require visual content to be part of the process.